Where is the Best Place to Get Moving Boxes?

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. After all, it’s not easy moving your life from one place to another! However, there are ways to make the process smoother. One way is to hire a moving company to do all the heavy lifting. Another way is to ensure you have plenty of boxes on hand, so you can quickly and securely package your belongings. We can’t say for sure how difficult it would be to move without boxes, but we know it wouldn’t be pretty.


It’s unlikely that you have boxes just lying around, so where can you get some? This blog will run through just a few tried and tested places. 

Storage Facilities

The easiest and highest quality boxes come from your local storage facilities if you are willing to pay a little bit. They have a wide selection of robust boxes and other packing supplies on hand for people moving. The boxes they sell will hold up through your move and be functional!

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Your Friend at The Office

Most people go directly to the store to get their moving boxes, but you could save time by getting them directly from your workplace. Do you have a friend who works in the supplies department? Ask them about the boxes that your office paper comes in. They’re great for moving because they come in all shapes and sizes and are stronger than average. They also have lids and stack easily, making everything easier. 

Your Neighbours

Who knows what people in your neighbourhood have stored away in their garages? Put a box request on your community’s local Facebook page (or similar) and see who pipes up. Our immediate network is small, but our digital networks are huge. Even if no one has boxes directly, there’ll be someone who knows where you can get them for cheap/free.

Recycling Centres

If someone recently moved to your neighbourhood, they’ll have done something with all the boxes they used. And if they’re good citizens, they’ll have taken them straight to the recycling centre. It may be worth a trip to the recycling centre to see if they would be willing to part with some boxes. To save time and hassle, it’s best to give the centre a call before you head out since some don’t allow citizens to take goods out. 

Your Grocery Store

Grocery stores have an endless supply of boxes. Indeed, new ones will likely be coming in every day! If you’re on friendly terms with your local store, ask if they can keep some boxes for you. Another option is to visit a liquor store, which tends to have boxes that are stronger than your average boxes.


You can always buy boxes to pack your belongings (which may include a free box; the one the boxes come packaged in), but it’s worth exploring the free options first. There are plenty of boxes in the world, and with a bit of work, you can manifest some in your direction. 

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