Trustworthy Commercial Moving in Edmonton

Since 1972, Funk’s Moving has helped many businesses of all sizes navigate the tricky relocation process. Moving all your staff and office furniture is a costly process if it does not go smoothly. Our priority is to minimize operational downtime and get everything you need into your new working space on time and within budget. We have experience with all types of commercial moves, including:

  • Office moves
  • Warehouses (any size)
  • Medical/dental practices
  • New store setup
  • Retail closures
  • Restaurants

When looking for a company focusing on trustworthy commercial Moving in Edmonton, look no further than Funk’s Moving.

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    Commercial Movers in Edmonton Since 1972

    Relocating an office is a significant undertaking requiring much effort and careful planning. Commercial moves have many moving parts that require a customized solution. With Funk’s Moving, we will execute your move seamlessly and efficiently.

    At Funk’s Moving, we consider ourselves more than just movers; we are your moving partners. Our focus is to take the stress out of your commercial move and work with you to create a detailed plan from start to finish, including timelines to know your moving day schedule. As with all our customers, we will work within your schedule, even if it means completing the move outside regular office hours. We realize that your business must have the least amount of downtime possible, and we want to ensure that your staff does not experience any disruption to their workday.

    Proper planning will ensure that your commercial move goes smoothly. Some of what you can expect from our commercial moving services include the following:

    • A moving coordinator to plan the details of the move from start to finish
    • Crew leads on-site to oversee the move and keep you informed
    • Furniture disassembly and assembly
    • Following detailed planograms for furniture and fixture placement
    • Protective padding and wrapping of all large furniture
    • Use of our storage facilities
    • Inventory management: labelling and sorting, tracking throughout the move
    • Moving supplies: we can supply all the boxes, tape, paper, and more
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    Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier

    Make a moving plan and set a schedule

    • Create a detailed list of tasks that need to be completed before, during and after the move.
    • Go through every room, office, and cubicle to determine what we can pack.
    • Assemble a “moving committee” of your managers to help you with this project.

    Pack your office for the move

    • You must pay special attention to essential documents and fragile electronics. We can also help with this part of the move. 
    • Prepare for a secure relocation by having the necessary packing materials on hand. Funk’s Moving can provide these at your request.
    • Boxes, paper, and shrink wrap can be delivered in advance so that you can start packing on time.
    • Take advantage of our packing services when looking to be more efficient. Our highly skilled professionals will wrap, pack, and transfer all your items carefully and efficiently.

    Create an office plan and floor layout

    • Determine the location for every employee and the associated furniture and equipment for the new space.
    • Take the time to figure out where everything should go. This will make the move more efficient and eliminate downtime.
    • Use your internal moving committee to assist.

    Create an inventory of your belongings

    • Take the time to inventory each employee’s office furniture and equipment.
    • Consider selling, donating, or recycling old or redundant non-essential items, such as office phones, PCs, and printers. This is an excellent way to declutter and save time and money on the overall move.

    Create a notification list

    • Though sometimes an afterthought, this is a crucial business practice. The list should contain all the employees, institutions, businesses, organizations, partners, clients, etc., that should update your new contact information.
    • Complete the notification list before the move to avoid any potential issues. 
    • Within the notification, share the new address and the moving date so everyone is aware of any potential interruptions in your day-to-day business operations.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    When a business needs to relocate, it involves moving all the contents of the business from one location to another. Businesses come in different sizes, and each move may require intricate planning. Commercial moves often involve transporting large items like photocopiers, pallets, vending machines, and specialized equipment.

    Funk’s Moving & Storage offers packing services for residential and commercial moves. Commercial packing requires special care and attention, and our skilled professionals have the experience and expertise to plan and execute a safe, successful move.

    At Funk’s Moving, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime and disruptions to your business and staff. We can create a schedule that suits your needs and complete the move outside your business hours.

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