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Canada's Long Distance Movers

Funk’s Moving specializes in handling all types of long-distance moves. Funks Moving is here for you whether you are moving to another city, an adjacent province, or across the country. Our long-distance moving services are available for moves almost anywhere in Canada. Whether you are moving 300 or 3,000 km, you can depend on our professional long-distance movers to get your items where they need to go — safely, efficiently and on your schedule. A move of this magnitude takes significant preparation, and our professionals are here to help you with that.

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    Experienced Long Distance Movers in Canada

    As one of Canada’s best long-distance movers, Funk’s Moving knows how exhausting the process can be, so we want to do everything we can to make your move more comfortable and less stressful. From planning out your move to safely packing and delivering your belongings, we will take care of every detail regarding your long-distance move.

    Our Long-Distance moving services include:

    • Free estimates for both residential and commercial moves across Canada
    • Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking/uncrating & help with belongings
    • Affordable storage spaces before, during or after moving
    • Special item moving for delicate items like:
      • Pianos
      • Family heirlooms
      • Fitness Equipment
      • Large Appliances
      • Gun Safes
      • Vehicle transport services

    Funk’s Moving Partners With Great Canadian Van Lines

    For over 30 years, Great Canadian Van Lines has been helping Canadians with their long-distance moves, and now Funk’s Moving is proud to partner with such a great company. 

    The founders of Great Canadian Van Lines have been diligently working to revolutionize long-distance moving services for clients.  Their efforts have been backed by comprehensive research and system development, leading to faster and more reliable moving services with transparent pricing and minimal claim ratios.  They have stayed true to these systems for the past three decades, making our long-distance moving services stress-free, affordable, and unbeatable in terms of reliability.

    With this partnership, Funk’s Moving is excited to offer our clients unparalleled service for their long-distance moves.

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    What to expect with you long-distance move

    • Your long-distance move starts when we reach your location with our truck. We will help you pack and inventory your belongings before we load everything on our vehicle.

    • We will load packed items and furnishings professionally into our truck.

    • We can take photos and create a tag list to ensure ‘items’ quantity and condition.

    • We can store your items at our facility if you need extra time between your moves.

    • All items get delivered to your new location, where we place all boxes and furnishings in their correct room. We want to ensure that the unpacking process is as painless as possible, as no one wants to move boxes around after a long move!

    • After your move is complete, you will receive a follow-up survey. The follow-up survey helps in evaluating every aspect of your move. Our job is to make your day more comfortable, and your feedback helps us improve our services.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Have a bag packed for everything you need for your first night
    • Wake up early enough to shower and get ready
    • Ensure that the food gets removed from the fridge and freezer
    • Meal plan. Will you pack a lunch and dinner, or eat out on moving day?
    • Keep any cleaning supplies separate that you will use when the house is empty
    • Charge your electronics such as phones and laptops the night before
    • Let your neighbors know what day you are moving and ensure there will be parking space for the moving truck
    • Plan to have your kids and pets out of the home on moving day if possible

    You don’t need to leave the house on moving day, but keeping pets and children away from the movers and giving them space to work safely is helpful.

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