Moving Supplies in Edmonton

Properly packed goods in strong, uniformly sized boxes can simplify and speed up your move and help ensure that your possessions arrive at their destination undamaged.  We have boxes that come in all shapes and sizes and moving supplies that you will need to pack and protect your possessions while moving securely.  Let Funk’s Moving set you up with all your moving supply needs!

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    Edmonton Moving Supplies

    For your Edmonton moving supplies, look no further than Funk’s Moving.  Not all packing supplies are equal; countless subpar moving boxes and products will leave you with your belongings all over the ground. Just like our movers, the moving supplies we offer are tough and sturdy to protect your belongings during a move.

    When it comes to moving supplies, we offer you the same Moving and packing supplies our professional movers use every day. Do not waste time driving around town to find the top-quality supplies when we provide durable moving supplies in Edmonton.

    moving supplies

    Moving supplies are just one of the essential parts of a full-service moving experience. Whether you are moving an apartment, home, or office, you can trust Funk’s Moving to meet your needs.  With over 48 years of experience in the packing and moving business, you can trust us to ensure that your move goes smoothly.  We can supply all your moving material needs, including packing boxes, blankets, moving dollies, bubble wrap and more.

    We will work with you to determine the supplies you will need or check out our convenient moving kits below.  Choose the packing kit that meets your needs, and you are ready to go. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

    • Free delivery for orders over $150. Full refund on unused boxes. Call for our latest price list.
    • Moving Kits (prices include GST)

    Apartment Kit
    (1 to 2 rooms) – $275


    • 25 Small (2 cubic feet)
    • 10 Medium (4 cubic feet)
    • 5 Large (6 cubic feet)


    • 4 Tape Rolls
    • 1 Tape Gun
    • 1 Bubble Roll (12″ x 25′)
    • 15 lb Newsprint Bundle
    • 1 Marker

    Small Home Kit
    (2 to 4 bedrooms) – $550


    • 45 Small (2 cubic feet)
    • 20 Medium (4 cubic feet)
    • 10 Large (6 cubic feet)
    • 2 China Barrels


    • 6 Tape Rolls
    • 1 Tape Gun
    • 2 Bubble Rolls (12″ x 25′)
    • 25 lb Newsprint Bundle
    • 1 Marker

    Deluxe Home Kit
    (5 to 8 bedrooms) – $950


    • 60 Small (2 cubic feet)
    • 30 Medium (4 cubic feet)
    • 10 Large (6 cubic feet)
    • 6 Wardrobe Boxes
    • 5 Dish Boxes


    • 10 Tape Rolls
    • 1 Tape Gun
    • 4 Bubble Rolls (12″ x 25′)
    • 50 lb Newsprint Bundle
    • 2 Markers

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