Convenient Packing Services in Edmonton

Typically, one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the moving process is getting everything packed up. We often say that you have no idea how much stuff you have until it comes time to move it all! To help eliminate this stressful burden, Funk’s Moving offers one of Edmonton’s most convenient packing services. Whether it is complete, partial packing or just needing some moving supplies, Funk’s Moving is here to take care of everything!

Packing Services in Edmonton Made Simple

While some might find a sense of accomplishment in taking care of everything independently, others might require some packing support. If that is the case for you, Funk’s Moving & Storage can take care of it, as we know the value of packing services..We are packing specialists trained in the art of the perfect pack!

We offer a variety of add-on packing services to suit your needs. Look at our options below and decide which one is right for you.

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Choose which level of packing help you require. There is an add-on package for everyone! If you are unsure which package you need, call us, and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you choose the right service.

Full Packing Service

Do you want to make sure you do not lift a finger? We can come in and pack your entire home from your bedrooms to bathrooms, kitchen to the living room; we do it all! We will ensure we take care of the whole process so you do not have to. Our full packing service includes the following:

  • Complete packing services and supplies for every room of your home
  • Can also include unpacking services at your new home

This package is for those who cannot pack items themselves, do not have time, or hate packing! We will carefully pack all your belongings in our specially designed moving boxes. We have everything available, including boxes, tape, paper, etc. Just grab a coffee and let Funk’s Moving & Storage take care of the rest!

Kitchen Packing Service

This service is typically the most requested. When you stop to think about all the awkward or fragile items in your kitchen, having professionals take care of this is usually the best option! Within this service, we offer the following:

  • Specialized packing services for dishes, pots, pans and all those little accessories
  • We take extra care dealing with dishes and breakables
  • We will pack everything—except the kitchen sink, unless you want that too!

More than all the other rooms in your home, the kitchen always seems to have the most belongings. The thought of packing plates, pots, wine glasses, coffee mugs and little accessories is overwhelming! Let Funk’s Moving & Storage do it for you

Single Item Packing Service

Ideal when you already have most of the packing covered but you are unsure what to do with a couple of awkward items. Single Item Packing is the packing service for you. All you must do is tell us what you want us to pack, and we will make it happen.

  • Ideal for large or awkward items
  • Great for rooms with unique items or antiques
  • We bring the boxes you will need and help you pack just those items or rooms

Wardrobe Packing Service

Regardless of your select packing service, you will never have to worry about those closets! Leave your wardrobe to us, and in one quick swoop, we will go through each room, collect all your hanging items, neatly pack them in our convenient wardrobe boxes and safely hang them in your new home. This service is a great time saver. It is just one of the many ways we will ensure that your move goes smoothly!

  • Included when using our moving service – no added charge
  • Leave your hanging items in your closet, and we will pack only those items
  • We will also hang them up in your new home!
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downsize and declutter items you don’t need
  • Set aside items the movers are not to take and label accordingly
  • Label and unplug wires and electronics
  • Separate high-value items and label them with any special instructions
  • Cleaning and tidying will help the movers and create less work for you when the house is empty
  • Arrange for childcare or pet sitting on moving day to help the movers work safely and efficiently
  • Pets and animals
  • Explosives such as fireworks, weapons, ammunition, gasoline, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, oxygen tanks and aerosols
  • Chemicals and flammables such as chlorine, bleach, paint, paint thinner, chemical cleaners, and corrosives
  • Perishable items should not be transported, especially in long-distance moves. Examples are meat, dairy, frozen foods, and opened food containers

An overnight bag should include the items you will need to use the first night in your new home or hotel. Items to remember are extra clothing, pajamas, medications, electronics, chargers, glasses, and toiletries.

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