Seniors Moving Service in Edmonton

Moving can be a stressful experience for anyone. If you are a senior or planning a move on behalf of a family member, the pressure can be overwhelming. At Funk’s Moving, we understand how difficult senior Moving can be. With our seniors moving service in Edmonton, we strive to take the stress and anxiety out of the process. Relocating should be a time for excitement and not an overwhelming experience. Our professional movers will take care of everything, from advanced planning to relocation and unpacking at the new home.

Moving a senior’s belongings is not something we take lightly. We take pride in treating all our customers with the utmost respect, regardless of age. Whether moving to an assisted living facility or maybe a smaller home, you can have peace of mind knowing that Funk’s Moving has everything covered. We will help you plan the move well in advance, as it is common for seniors moving to require the downsizing of the volume of belongings to accommodate a smaller living area. If you are unsure what to keep or some items do not fit in your new home, you can place them in our secure storage facility. Once the plans are all in place, we can handle all the packing, eliminating any potential risk of strain or injury from packing yourself. Our skilled crew will pack everything up securely to minimize any chance of damage. Once filled, our movers will transfer all the moving boxes to the truck, complete the relocation, and even unpack everything for you at your new home.

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    Moving made simple for Seniors

    Funk’s Moving understands the importance of making the moving day easy and simple for seniors. There are several reasons why we have made this service high on our list of priorities:

    Seniors are staying in their homes much longer than in past years. With families more geographically dispersed than ever, it is much more challenging to get together and help with a move due to physical distance and day-to-day obligations. Hiring a moving company such as Funk’s Moving allows seniors to feel empowered to control their situation.

    As an experienced senior moving company, we can assist with the bigger picture. Whether advanced notice or a sudden move, Funk’s can help plan the space you will be relocating. The organizational undertaking can be overwhelming for any family. Our experienced senior moving professionals understand all the necessary steps with downsizing and planning out all the stages.

    Over the past 48 years, Funk’s Moving has become much more sophisticated and specialized in our approach. We take pride in our process, experience, expertise, and unique focus on helping seniors. Seniors tend to live in their family home for many years and, in doing so, have gotten used to things being a certain way. Our training and experience in understanding seniors, family dynamics, and the many subtleties of this unique situation are why you want to choose the best moving company.

    Practical steps in the Seniors moving process:

    As mentioned, the relocation process can be very unsettling for seniors; however, we have developed the following steps that we implement to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable experience:

    • Develop an overall moving plan that addresses all aspects of the move
    • Organize, sort, downsize and advise on and assist with donations, recycling, and disposal
    • Plan for spaces at the new location and customize your move to fit with floor plans
    • Arrange for storage if needed
    • Packing of all belongings, including antiques, art, and other specialty items
    • Unpacking and setting up at the new home

    When choosing to move with Funk’s Moving & Storage, we will ensure the following:

    • Upfront rates (no hidden fees)
    • Friendly, Experienced & Qualified movers
    • Professionally equipped & maintained moving trucks
    • Fully licensed & insured service
    • Trust Funk’s Moving & Storage to help take the stress out of your move and quickly get you into your new home!
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Funk’s Moving & Storage will disassemble furniture and reassemble it at the destination.

    The best time of year to move is when it is right for you!

    1. Hire professional movers that offer specialty services for seniors & offer discounts
    2. Organizing and de-cluttering is a great start. Starting early and doing a little at a time will help reduce stress and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.
    3. If the seniors are unsure if they want to keep some items or have too much for their new living space, renting a storage unit at Funk’s Moving and Storage can be helpful.
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