Specialty Moving Services in Edmonton

If you have ever moved in the past, you will likely be familiar with the different moving services such as Residential or Commercial Moving.   In some circumstances, specialty moving services in Edmonton are necessary.  Specialty moving is for unique and precious items of all shapes and sizes that do not fit into a standard category.  From pool tables to pianos, fine works of art to automobiles, some possessions need a little more attention and superior handling and delivery instructions to ensure they keep their value.

Funk’s Moving understands the importance of these specialty items.  We pride ourselves on the level of attention and care we take, so your possessions are moved safely and efficiently.

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    Edmonton Specialty Movers

    Since 1972, Funk’s Moving has been one of the top Edmonton specialty movers.  We pride ourselves on dealing with special projects or handling specific items that a typical residential mover may not take.  Here are some of the things that may qualify for specialty moving:

    specialty moving
    • Anything big and bulky: Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers may be too large to fit through your door. How do you safely remove these items from your house without damaging the object or the door frame?  Our specialty moving technicians are skilled in removing large and bulky items from your home safely and efficiently.
    • Unique pieces of furniture: Do you have a large antique armoire or a ceiling-high glass cabinet that needs handling with extreme care and attention? Some movers may be uncomfortable attempting to move pieces of furniture like that. Specialty movers like Funk’s Moving have the experience, knowledge and tools to remove these pieces for you safely and securely.
    • Cumbersome items: Heavy items such as pianos, hot tubs, gym equipment, and more, may not fit into a moving truck.  Pianos specifically must be treated with great care and attention. Improper transport can dislodge and misconfigure the inner strings, causing the piano to become horribly out of tune or permanently damaged.
    • Billiard tables and other large sporting equipment: Our specialty movers will provide a truck large enough to secure a billiard table and safely transport it to your new home or office.
    • Historical or Professional office items: Our specialty movers can assist with museum pieces, tradeshow stock, healthcare equipment such as dental chairs and much more.
    • Automobiles: Whether you plan a long-distance move, have more than one vehicle or have a collector’s car that you do not want to risk driving, our Vehicle Moving service can get your vehicle transported hassle-free. Having to hire a professional auto transporter can be very costly. Instead of spending money on an extra service and worrying if the auto transporter is licensed and insured, you can rely on Funk’s Moving to get your vehicle to your new location.  We are insured for damage and committed to making sure that your car arrives in perfect condition.
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