Secure Storage in Edmonton

Residential Storage

There are many reasons for Secure Storage in Edmonton. For instance, maybe you plan to donate old furniture due to downsizing, and your new property lacks room to store it. Or perhaps you would like to hold onto items you may need later but are currently taking up too much space in your house.

One of the most common reasons for residential storage is inconvenient timing during a move. We understand relocating to a new home or apartment does not always follow a convenient schedule. There is often a short window between leaving the old location and arriving at the new one, which can be very hectic. You may find yourself with few options in a situation like this, and Funk’s Moving & Storage is here to provide a safe and convenient Edmonton storage facility for your belongings such as:

  • Household goods
  • High-value art and antiques
  • Large furniture items
  • Seasonal items (patio furniture and holiday decorations)
  • Anything that can be safely stored

Safe and Convenient Edmonton Storage

Do you need a temporary home for your goods? In the short or long term, we can provide a storage solution for you in our secure, heated facility or with our storage partners. Eliminate the hassle of dealing with a separate storage company; let us handle the details for you.

Commercial Storage

Every business experiences the need to relocate, expand, or close temporarily due to renovations or improvements. These situations are often signs of growing pains, which can be crucial in making a healthier, more successful company. However, we understand that it does not make the immediate reality more comfortable. During this time, it is essential to find a way to limit downtime, continue providing services to your customers, and figure out a way to set up the new location so you can get back to business as quickly as possible.

Funk’s Moving & Storage has over 50 years of experience helping businesses with their unique commercial storage needs. We aim to provide ongoing support and transitional help for as long as needed.

We can help with the storage of the following:

  • Business equipment, computers, and machinery
  • Office furniture
  • Excess seasonal inventory for small businesses and retailers
  • Business-related goods that are safe to store

When working with Funk’s Moving & Storage, you have peace of mind knowing we have Secure Storage in Edmonton, and we will protect your belongings within a climate-controlled facility accessible 24/7. Whether you are looking for self-storage, mobile, indoor, or outdoor storage, Funk’s Moving & Storage has the solutions you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Funk’s Moving and Storage facility is a heated and climate-controlled warehouse.

As we are a controlled Warehouse, access is by appointment only between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

  1. Storing items that you plan to donate or sell
  2. Storing excess items or furniture that won’t fit in the new location
  3. Storing your belongings if there is a period between move-out day and getting the keys to your new location
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